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Professional Boundaries: Your safety, your well-being 

There are 6 episodes in this first season of the Professional Boundaries Podcast (listen to episodes by clicking the image or link) and we hope you’ll enjoy and learn from each of them

Dr. Wendy McIntosh welcomes both your interest and curiosity. Send Wendy questions at

New Professional Boundaries Podcast

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In this podcast series, Dr. Wendy McIntosh PhD shares insights and strategies about developing and maintaining professional boundaries. Professional Boundaries are not limited to the clinical or therapeutic arena. If you are in a professional role – a teacher, support worker, police officer, prison officer, council worker, or hairdresser. If you are a volunteer or belong to a theatre group, a choir, or a sports club, there will be something in this podcast for you and the relationships you have with others. Setting boundaries in our life is necessary for our emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical well-being. Setting boundaries is about our safety.

Dr. Wendy McIntosh PhD

Dr. Wendy McIntosh PhD

Since 2005 Wendy has been developing her knowledge and interest in the area of professional boundaries. Wendy delivers workshops on boundaries in Australia (where she now lives) and Internationally when invited to do so. She is continually integrating learning and insights she gains from the work she does in professional boundaries.

Dr. Wendy McIntosh comes from a nursing background and predominately psychiatric nursing. Wendy consistently receives feedback on her passion, knowledge, and creativity as a presenter and facilitator. Enjoy exploring boundaries in this podcast series as Wendy takes you on your own reflective journey on your professional boundaries.

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