Working with Clients who Self Harm

Cutting in, Cutting Through: Working with Clients who Self Harm

The experience of self harm can create a number of tensions in individuals themselves, and in those with whom they have contact.  “Cutting in” to the skin is one of many actions of self harm which may be used by individuals. This workshop provides an opportunity to explore myths and realities about self harm thoughts and behaviours, and better ways to work with clients who self harm.

In this two day workshop participants will be given the opportunity to practice a number of interactive techniques that can be used to “cut through” to engage with individuals who self harm. Action methods will be used throughout the workshop to demonstrate the ways in which action does speak louder than words.

Themes explored in this workshop include:
  • Understanding the roles of self harm
  • Discussion of the multiple reasons for self harm
  • Understanding the interplay between the body’s stress system and self harm
  • Reacting and responding to individuals who self harm – there is a difference
  • Exploring the language we use about self harm
  • Understanding the tensions in the interpersonal dynamics between self and other

SMLDavaar Self Harm

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