Providing training and strategies to maintain psychological “well being” in the workplace

Davaar develops and delivers trainings that provide information and strategies on maintaining psychological “well being” in the workplace.

We offer workshops, group & individual professional supervision, and training for health professionals, nurses, police & community workers. Our programs focus on professional boundaries, mental health and professional identity, designed for those in the health professions, police and community work, and others in support roles.

What Davaar Offers

  • We tailor-make workshops/education for individual and organisational requirements
  • We offer scheduled workshops/education in Coorparoo, Brisbane
  • We deliver workshops and training in all states and territories of Australia
  • We provide professional supervision (both group or individual)

Why Choose Davaar

  • Innovative ideas in workshop delivery
  • Established history as clinicians working in mental health
  • Accomplished workshop facilitators – providing education to health professionals and non-health professionals for over 15 years
  • Established credibility and respect as mental health educators and workshop facilitators
  • All training delivered through Davaar is endorsed through the Royal College of Nursing Australia (RCNA)
  • Flexibility in working with organisations (developing formats and time frame delivery schedules which support organisational requirements
  • Long term partnerships with organisations providing a stable and consistent external support for staff


Who will benefit from our training?

  • Health professionals – (nurses, allied health, dentists, doctors)
  • Community sector volunteers and workers
  • Police
  • Medical receptionists
  • Receptionists / administrative officers working in human service areas
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Teachers
  • Customer service personnel


Our Regular Program Topics

Davaar offers a broad range of workshops and training programs and Davaar’s directors, Wendy McIntosh and Colleen Reid, present as guest speakers at seminars & conferences. Below is a list of titles of workshops or training programs that we offer.

Mental Health

  • Writing my Story: The Personal and Professional
  • Role Theory: Working with Clients Diagnosis with Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Safe Professional Boundaries: – Being Close, While Being Distant
  • Cutting in, Cutting Through: Working with Individuals who Self Harm
  • Childhood Trauma and Mental Illness – There is a Link: Changing the Focus of Mental Health Care/li>
  • Stress, Depression and Substance Use in the Workplace: Strategies to Intervene and Manage
  • Suicide and Self Harm – Responses and Prevention
  • Transition into Mental Health Nursing: An Action Based Approach
  • Various Webinars: Available through Nurses for Nurses Network

Organisational & Team Building

  • Using Humour to Manage Stress in the Workplace
  • Strengthening Professional Identity when Experiencing Workplace Bullying
  • Effective Communication in the Team
  • Using Action Methods to Facilitate Professional Role Development

General Themes

  • Solution-Focused Approach: With Clients, With Colleagues
  • It’s not always about the shampoo – de-escalating aggressive behaviour
  • Group Facilitation & Process
  • Homelessness & Mental Illness

Tailor-made Training programs we have created to date

  • Professional Ethics
  • Medication Administration
  • Effective Communication
  • Professional Boundaries

Professional Boundaries: Your Safety, Our business

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