Publications written or co-authored by Dr. Wendy H. McIntosh PhD.

Wendy has authored, and co-authored various papers and articles, some of which may be downloaded from this page. The following list shows the most recently published article first…

Psychodrama – theatre of spontaneity, action method for life – From the September – October 2013 edition of Australian College of Mental Health Nurses NEWS magazine pages 10-11 .

Neuroscience and Psychiatric Nursing – First appearance: Summer 2012/13 edition of NEWS magazine, a quarterly publication by the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

Wendy’s PhD thesis “On being shamed in a nursing culture” (2005). Available here.

McIntosh, W. H. (2010). “Walking with Moreno”  Journal of the Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association, 19, 30 – 37. Available as a .pdf here.

McIntosh, W. H. (2006). Professional boundaries in the clinical setting. Nursing Review: October, 10-11.

Meehan, T., McIntosh, W., & Bergen, H. (2006). Aggressive behaviour in the high secure forensic setting: the perception of patients. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 13, 19-25.

McAllister, M., Higson, D., McIntosh, W., O’Leary, S., Hargreaves, L., et. al. (2001). Dissociative identity disorder and the nurse-patient relationship in the acute care setting: An action research study. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 10 20-32.

Poroch, D., & McIntosh, W. H. (1995). Barriers to assertive skills in nurses. Australia and New Zealand Journal of Mental Health, 4, 113-123.

Williams, A., Porach, D., & McIntosh, W. H. (1993). Fun projects: increasing awareness of nursing research in hospitals. The Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 11 10, 14-18.

Millsteed, J., Wallacae, S., & McIntosh, W. H. (1991). Self help for women with bulimia and anorexia nervosa. World Federation of Occupational Therapists Bulletin, 23, 2-5.

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