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Davaar offers workshops, groups, online training, professional supervision, tailor-made training and Webinars to Health Professionals, Police, Teachers, and all people working with people. To see details of our online trainings, select ‘Training’ from the navigation menu at the top of any page. All online trainings are eligible for CPDs.

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BUNDABERG-Professional Boundaries (2-day) @ School of Arts
May 2 @ 08:30 – May 3 @ 16:30
BUNDABERG: Holding the Line – Safe Professional Boundaries with Clients, with Colleagues.

During this two-day workshop, the facilitator will discuss and explore with you the “foundation stones” of professional boundaries. Using a number of actual case scenarios you’ll experience the complexities of professional boundaries whilst appreciating the ease with which transgressions occur. Through exploring the professional boundary framework you will be able to experience the continuum of over- and under-involvement.

The workshop provides a discussion and experiential space in which you can identify and practice a range of strategies to assist you to develop and maintain boundaries in your professional role. This workshop is open to anyone working in people related services including health, education, NDIS, police, council, and NGO organisations.

Safe Professional Boundaries require us to hold an appropriate line in every situation, calling on us to be present & creative in our professional roles.  It is essential that staff working in people-related positions appreciate and understand the complexities of safe professional boundaries.

We’ll explore various themes which help to deepen knowledge and skills in working safely, and with care. Psychodrama will be used to deepen the participant’s experiential learning.

This workshop attracts 13 CPDs.

This workshop is endorsed by:

To get more information and to register for this workshop, Download a .pdf file with more details about this workshop by clicking on the image, and send us your completed form with payment to the address listed.

Feedback from prior participants:

  • I just wanted to say thank you for running this course, it was absolutely fabulous. I’ve been in my profession for 26 years and it’s such a pleasure to engage with something a little bit different. I recognise that Wendy’s style of teaching and engaging is also a little bit different but I found it fresh, challenging and have taken things away with me. It was worth every penny. Thank you also for the links to webinars which I will be taking a look at – I’m hooked!”
  • “I’m so glad I said yes to this course and I will be looking with interest at future CPD with yourselves”
  • The workshop was very interesting and provided insight towards problem solving and contingencies to consider in respect of boundaries and professional practices. Overall the workshop was very well facilitated to maximise participation by attendees to actually address personal experiences and to better understand  the necessity and concept of professional boundaries
  • “Brace yourself – you’ll uncover things about yourself, your role and how you feel in the best possible way”

To register for this workshop, download our registration form, and send us your completed form with payment to the address listed on the form. 

ROMA-Looking After Ourselves with Tenderness (1 Day Workshop) @ Training & Development Room, Roma Hospital
Oct 16 @ 08:30 – 16:30

ROMA: Looking After Ourselves with Tenderness – 1 Day Workshop 

Compassion fatigue is real and can affect our ability to be effective in our work with people in need of care. It can also cause us to want to withdraw from the very people we are working to support. This workshop will focus on ways to look after ourselves as we provide care for the clients we see.

Self-care and professional boundaries are important practices we can use to reduce the risk of this type of burnout.

Using experiential learning (psychodrama) a number of themes will be explored during the day including resilience and self-care. The content will be contained within the framework of professional boundaries.

Having clear boundaries with clients, family of clients, colleagues, and peers is one way of looking after self. In this workshop, the facilitator will integrate the importance of being tender with oneself in order to have tenderness for and with others—even when experiencing high levels of stress.

During this workshop our objectives will be:

  • To understand the link between professional boundaries and self-care
  • To explore how intrapsychic, interpersonal, organisational and broader systemic factors can influence the professional role you have with another
  • To discuss the importance of transference and counter-transference to guide self-care in professional relationships
  • To understand the link between resilience, stress and boundary transgressions
  • To understand how the experience of tenderness with self is an effective way to self-care
  • To identify strategies to assist and manage stressful situations and professional relationships.

6.5 CPD available for attendance where applicable.

Click the image to download details and registration form.

Professional Boundaries and Cultural Bias

Posted by on 15 Mar, 2016 in Boundaries, Dr Wendy's Blog, Workshops | 1 comment

Professional Boundaries and Cultural Bias

Professional Boundaries and Cultural Bias Sometimes the obvious connections slip to the edge of my consciousness. I had not made a specific link between professional boundaries and cultural bias until a couple of weeks ago. I was invited to facilitate a seminar for Interpreters on the theme of Cultural Bias. As I was researching content for the seminar, and more specifically, from the discussions during the seminar, light bulbs started going off in my brain. Neuroscientists would say it was the sparking of my neurons – however I like the...

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Why You Want Critical Feedback

Posted by on 7 Apr, 2015 in Boundaries | 0 comments

Why You Want Critical Feedback

Today I thought I would write about feedback, specifically what is known as critical feedback. I have experienced critical feedback that has had both a positive and a negative impact on me. In reflection what has made the difference has been the delivery style of the individual who has given me the feedback. Where I experienced that the individual giving the feedback actually did have my best interests at the centre of their interaction with me I took in what they said and allowed myself to digest and make my sense of what they were saying. I...

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Reflecting for a moment…

Posted by on 15 Jan, 2015 in Dr Wendy's Blog, Good reads | 0 comments

Reflecting for a moment…

A new year begins and with it endless possibilities and choices for the present and future. I received a lovely present in the post today. A calendar of photos which captured moments from a holiday I had in Italy last year, was hand delivered. Only twelve seconds were captured and yet so much more time, emotion, thoughts and friendships are held in those seconds. How many lifetimes do we humans live in a second? If we were to capture 60 seconds of delight, joy and enjoyment that we experienced in a day how much richer would we be, I wonder. I...

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Welcome to 2014

Posted by on 24 Jan, 2014 in Boundaries, Dr Wendy's Blog, Nursing | 0 comments

Welcome to 2014

Welcome to 2014 Welcome readers, to another year. What does 2014 hold for you, your family and your community? What specific plans have you made for the year in terms of holidays, study, changing jobs or developing a new skill for the job your currently hold? Is this the year to start that activity that you have been talking about for some time? That book you always wanted to read, has it been purchased yet? If so have you made the book visible to remind you of your wish to explore the writing held in the pages? I ask these questions of...

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Are you Crossing the Line?

Posted by on 8 Apr, 2013 in Boundaries, Dr Wendy's Blog, Nursing | 0 comments

Are you Crossing the Line?

Crossing the Line? I have just returned from Adelaide where Colleen and I ran a one-day workshop, “Crossing the Line”, on Professional Boundaries as part of the Nurses for Nurses Conference held there 14th & 15th March. Those who have been to one of our boundary workshops will know that this is an area of professional passion for me. I’m always delighted to meet with a group of participants and share what I have learned, and also to hear their professional stories of boundary intrigue and transgression. As part of my...

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Do You Inhabit The Third Space

Posted by on 26 Jan, 2013 in Dr Wendy's Blog, Recommended Reads, self-care | 0 comments

The Third Space I love encountering books that expand my understanding of my actions and specifically how I conduct myself in relationship to others. The Third Space, by Adam Fraser (Random House 2012), is such a book. For me, the main focus of the book was the importance of becoming thoughtful about transitioning.  This is the Third Space of the title – the time we spend switching between first and second space (where I am currently, to where I want to be). Each time I read another chapter in the book I observe an excitement in me...

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Local Editorial Love

Posted by on 19 Jan, 2013 in Dr Wendy's Blog, Lockyer Valley, Workshops | 0 comments

Hot off the press Our very own Laidley newspaper, “The Valley Weekender”, has kindly given us a local editorial feature in their first 2013 edition. The newspaper publishes each fortnight, and includes local news, events, and articles about Laidley and Lockyer Valley residents, and towns. The 18th January, 2013 edition includes features about the Laidley swimming pool, a pilot programme for a local bus service, mention of a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at the Laidley Library and some great ideas to celebrate Australia Day.  Where...

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The Times they aren’t a changin’

Posted by on 15 Jan, 2013 in Dr Wendy's Blog, Mental Health | 0 comments

They knew that, back then? Hello fellow travellers of interesting ideas and curious wonderment. I have included in this entry an extract from the inestimable The Times newspaper from 1853, cited in a book I am currently reading: The Times - 1853 Nothing can be more slightly defined than the line of demarcation between sanity and insanity. Make the definition too narrow, it becomes meaningless, make it too wide, and the whole human race becomes involved in the dragnet. In strictness we are all mad when we give way to prejudice, to vice, to...

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Hello, 2013

Posted by on 2 Jan, 2013 in Boundaries, Complex Trauma, Dr Wendy's Blog, Workshops | 0 comments

Hello, 2013 A hearty welcome to 2013 and I hope that you had a celebratory time over Christmas and New Year. Here at Davaar its time for us to focus on the year ahead, in terms of workshops and training for 2013.  If you’ve taken a look at our calendar you’ll be aware that we have a busy year already scheduled and there’s still more in the pipeline. Our two day workshops kick off in February with our Professional Boundary workshop, followed later in the month by our inaugural workshop on Complex Trauma. I look forward to the...

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Nursing News from Buffalo, NY

Posted by on 22 Dec, 2012 in Dr Wendy's Blog, Nursing | 0 comments

Exciting news for nursing, in Buffalo, NY I have a strong commitment to strengthening nursing identity and professionalism and where possible will inform you about achievements of colleagues with whom I have travelled in the world of nursing. I invite you to visit the link: www.buffalo.edu/news/13852 which provides nursing news about the opening of The Institute for Person-Centered Care (for the elderly) Buffalo University, New York. I encourage you to have a read and to warm up to the possibilities of how you could build a connection with...

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