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Davaar’s Directors have extensive clinical and educational experience working in a number of private and public mental health settings.

Both Wendy & Colleen and recognise the importance of “psychologically well” employees to deliver safe and competent health care to the community. Davaar has developed and delivered workshops in the private and public health care systems as well as to non-government agencies and to business.


Dr. Wendy McIntosh PhD  RGN, RMHN, Grad.Dip MH, MN, Cert IV Workplace Assessment & Training, Group Leadership Cert, MRCNA, Photograph of Wendy McIntoshMANZCMHN, AMANZSPA.

Wendy has over 30 years as a health professional (clinical, education and research), twenty-five of those years in mental health. Area of specific interest and passion for Wendy include: professional supervision, professional boundaries, professional identity, links between childhood trauma and mental illness and workplace bullying. Wendy has over 20 years as a psychodrama trainee – a life long learning. She is committed to using experiential learning in the work she does with individuals and groups. Regularly presenting workshops at national & international conferences, Wendy consistently receives feedback on her passion, knowledge and creativity as a presenter & facilitator.


Photograph of Colleen Reid

Colleen Reid MHN, RGN, BA, Cert IV Workplace Assessment & Training

Nursing has been a constant draw for Colleen during her 35 years working history. Colleen has a genuine interest and like of health professionals and takes pride in the work she does. The skills that Colleen takes greatest pride in are those that allow her to work effectively and respectfully with her patients. These skills enable the “aha moments” when practice and theory come together and make sense to people.


Photograph of Meghan White

Meghan Riddle BBus (HRM Major), BPsychSc, PGDipPsych

Since joining the Davaar team in June 2012, Meghan primarily contributes to workshop facilitation, general administration and report writing. Meghan brings her business and psychology knowledge and skills base to all that she does with Davaar.


Photograph of NIkki Fryn

Nikki Fryn

Nikki considers herself a perennial student of human nature, a trait which she finds invaluable in her coaching and consulting work with businesses.  Nikki provides Davaar Consultancy with support in various guises; Website development, branding and document design are some the places where you’ll find evidence of Nikki’s handiwork.

Located in Central California, Nikki is very grateful that the Internet allows her to work with Davaar through Skype and email. Nikki also considers herself fortunate to be able to make the occasional visit to Davaar Offices in Laidley.

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