Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

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Self-Directed Training – Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

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Online Training Mental Wellbeing in the WorkplaceAn essential part of creating a safe and healthy workplace is recognising and promoting good mental health. 

Devised and developed by Davaar Consultancy, this multimedia, online training tool, titled Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace is fully interactive and includes videos, readings, presentations, and lots of opportunities for guided self-reflection. As it’s online, you’ll have access to it anywhere you have access to the Internet.  The content can be readily applied to a broad range of settings and professional roles including teachers, police officers, youth workers and administration officers.

Our online Mental Wellbeing course covers various themes

This course will introduce you to a number of concepts, helping you to grasp the complexities of maintaining mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Several themes will be covered including:

      • Historical Context, Stigma
      • Causes: Nature & Nurture, PTSD, Workplace, Major Disorders
      • Communication Styles
      • Using Models to Understand Unconscious Dynamics
      • Strategies
      • Resilience

This package has been designed to help you reflect on your practice and the practice of colleagues, specific to mental wellbeing in the workplace, and will benefit professionals, managers and administrative staff working in health, education, safety and customer service fields.

Certification: Certification is available upon successful completion and attracts 10 CNE/CPD points where applicable.

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Cost: $220.00 per user (includes GST).

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