Professional Boundaries

Safe Professional Boundaries with Clients, with Colleagues: Holding the Line

Safe Professional Boundaries require us to hold a line in every situation, calling on us to be present & creative in each circumstance. It is paramount for staff working in people-related industries to appreciate and understand the complexities of safe professional boundaries. We’ll explore various themes which help to deepen knowledge and skills in working safely, and with care.

Themes explored during this workshop include:

  • Client – staff and collegial relationships
  • Dual relationships and other complexities
  • Roles we play
  • Reasons that transgressions occur

Using a professional boundary framework the facilitator will explore boundary crossings and violations in the continuum of over- and under- involvement. Psychodrama will be used to deepen participants experiential learning, helping them gain awareness and insight, and to accelerate the rate of integration of the material.

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This two-day workshop attracts 1 CPD per hour of meeting.
250 Holding

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Feedback from prior participants:

  • “My concepts about boundaries were indeed strengthened”
  • “The knowledge I have gained today will give me more confidence in my workplace as a team leader, educator and mentor”
  • “under- and over-involvement – so relevant in my workplace”
  • “role play set out your concerns, different sides”
  • “interpersonal relationships within the team environment and how to be a better team leader”
  • “It was the most rewarding training that I have been involved in for a long time. I can take away strategies to make a real difference to demonstrate safe boundaries to other staff and for my own professional health. Very engaging positive experience”.


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