Compassion fatigue is real and can affect our effectiveness in our work with people in need of care. It can also cause us to want to withdraw from the very people we are working to support.

Self-care and professional boundaries are important practices we can use to reduce the risk of this type of burnout.

Looking after ourselves with tenderness

This workshop will focus on ways to look after ourselves as we provide care for the clients we see.

We’ll use experiential learning (psychodrama) to explore a number of themes including transference, counter-transference, resilience, and self-care, to develop effective strategies to manage our own needs when working with people in need of care. The content will be contained within the framework of professional boundaries.

Having clear professional boundaries with clients, families of clients, colleagues, and peers is a great way of looking after yourself. In this workshop the facilitator will integrate the value of also being tender with ourselves in order to continue to have tenderness for and with others—even when experiencing the high levels of stress that occur in a caring profession.

During this workshop our objectives will be:

  • To understand the link between professional boundaries and self-care
  • To explore how intrapsychic, interpersonal, organisational and broader systemic factors can influence the professional role you have with another
  • To discuss the importance of transference and counter-transference to guide self-care in professional relationships
  • To understand the link between resilience, stress and boundary transgressions
  • To understand how the experience of tenderness with self is an effective way to self-care
  • To identify strategies to assist and manage stressful situations and professional relationships.

CPD available for attendance where applicable.

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