Online Working with BPD Training

Learn more effective ways to work with clients diagnosed with BPD

Self-Directed, Online Working with Clients Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder Training

Labile moods, impulsive and risky actions and at times, self-harm behaviour can present complexities in the therapeutic encounter. A significant limitation in individuals diagnosed with BPD is their ability for self-regulation and this can be directly linked to their early attachments. This course explores creative ways to better work with these individuals.

The training explores a number of process-oriented, and action-based interventions to assist working with individuals spontaneously and creatively, and also explores working with individuals with BPD through the lens of role theory.

We know from feedback that the training is stimulating, provocative and of professional benefit to all those who have completed it.

I really loved this course, the structure and the complexity. Not having had much exposure to BPD before this course it was very in-depth and some of it was a little complex and I did re-read and watch some of the videos again to gain a better understanding. Really loved the TED talks and the videos. Thanks, heaps for a great course!! Karren Geraghty, Support Worker

This tool has been designed to help you to develop your practice specific to working with clients diagnosed with BPD. In this course the following themes are explored:

  • What is role theory and how can using it assist when working with clients diagnosed with BPD?
  • The power of language – does the term Borderline Personality Disorder set up a negative therapeutic encounter?
  • Looking at the link between childhood trauma (specifically abandonment & neglect) and BPD
  • The importance of attachment theory when working with clients diagnosed with BPD
  • The interplay between the body’s stress system and the behaviours / emotional lability and self-harm demonstrated by clients diagnosed with BPD
  • Looking at the multiple reasons for self-harm – and discerning between self-harm in dissociative identity disorder from self-harm in BPD
  • Dealing with issues of transference/countertransference and boundary transgressions
  • Identify those moments when problems may actually be solutions

Successful completion of this both the online professional training and the final assessment attracts 10 CNE/CPD.

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Working with Clients Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder



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