Professional Supervision

We offer professional supervision for both groups and individuals

Davaar offers professional supervision for both groups and individuals.

Professional supervision is helpful for a broad range of professionals, and is not limited to those engaged in clinical roles. At Davaar we’ve been providing supervision to groups and individuals working in a wide variety of positions, for many years now. We believe that supervision can be of benefit across all environments and especially for front-line administration personnel in services such as healthcare, education, community work and police.


Davaar Directors currently supervise 10 teams including public & private mental health and NGO staff.  The organisation’s needs Supervisiondetermine whether the supervision is offered fortnightly or monthly. The themes discussed in the groups do have some commonalities no matter the work experience, including issues related to relationships with clients, colleagues and the culture in which supervisee’s work.  Grappling with inconsistencies in terms of management styles, and understanding systemic and psychodynamic processes that hinder or assist the work being done are valid topics no matter the work environment. It is important to see where responsibilities lie in order to determine what can be done to better manage and or change workplace practices. We feel that supervision should also offer the opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the wins, positives and successful outcomes achieved. Insight gained is as much about celebrating the wins as wrestling with conflicts.


Wendy & Colleen provide individual supervision to individuals in a broad range of roles. How often those sessions occur depends on identified requirements from the supervisee and can range from fortnightly to three monthly. Wendy has also conducted supervision sessions through Skype; not ideal, however, the process does enable the continuation of the professional relationship no matter the distance or countries involved.

CPD Points

Each hour of professional supervision earns 1 CPD point (individual and /or group). It has been interesting to note on evaluations completed by participants of supervision conducted by Davaar that it is not so much the CPD points that are important, but rather that the supervision provides an opportunity for reflecting on practice and to gain a better understanding of factors that influence the professional role.

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Participants say:

Group supervision with my team peers promotes bonding as I hear their experiences and receive their input and support
The supervisor’s wealth of experience is a gift to our team! Provides peer support and the opportunity to gain a better perspective on aspects of my work in a supportive environment
Having supervision sessions provides time for me to vent in a non-judgmental setting
I enjoy the group supervision as I learn about other staffs’ opinions and experiences. Learning about why I think something about someone. Can I think differently?
Supervision provides me opportunities for self-reflection and group awareness
[Supervision] provides an avenue to reflect on my practice with peers and to utilise their knowledge
In the group supervision, the really interesting part is that every member tries to come up with some sort of idea to solve the issue, or case being discussed
Supervision takes me outside of the box – supporting a more reflective view. I appreciate the supervisor’s approach – encouraging thought-provoking processes

One Participant’s Story.

From an Ozcare Support Worker - Mental Health Project: Community Health

Hello to All,

I would like to share my reflection with you:

In the latter half of 2011, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Wendy for 4 x 1hr sessions to assist me with some of my difficult clients with Borderline Personality Disorder. Being a Support Worker with Mental Health (non-clinical) can be difficult with clients and also with other services, that can forget that our service is non-clinical, but they push you just the same. Dr Wendy & I made a time plan in session 1 with what I wanted to achieve over the 4 weeks to get the best out of my one-on-one sessions. Sessions two, three and four were actually the wow factor! Dr Wendy introduced me to Psychodrama and we did role plays (it does look really funny sometimes, moving from chair to chair playing a different role) but I would say it is the best training I have ever had. With 19 yrs in Sales and the past 3 years in Mental Health, it is profoundly exciting and the best is – it works and clients can be brought out of their shells to engage with you.  My program as a Support Worker is Recovery Based and Psychodrama is the key to assist me with my client’s goals on their recovery journey. I found it so enlightening, positive, deep and it offers me, the worker, and my clients, positive measures to connect. Dr, Wendy’s passion is just amazing and I thank you so very much, Dr. Wendy for your time and education.

Cheers, Robyn Turk – Support Worker – Mental Health Project Community Health – Ozcare

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