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BRISBANE: Finding Your Voice – Acting with Courage in the Face of Workplace Bullying @ Conference Room
Oct 31 @ 08:30 – Nov 1 @ 16:30

Finding Your Voice – Acting with Courage in the Face of Workplace Bullying

Two-Day Workshop – Courage – the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, fear, pain without fear and with bravery. Having the courage of one’s own convictions, to act in accordance with one’s beliefs, especially in spite of crticism.

Acting with courage in the face of workplace bullyingWorkplace bullying is a workplace health and safety concern, quite apart from the fact that it’s simply unacceptable. Workplace bullying can have significant short and long-term effects that can leave individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and a range of medical issues. Workplace bullying is costly for the individual, for the team, for the organisation, for the profession, for the community.

As a profession, nursing has struggled to find a language to address and challenge workplace bullying. A professional language moves the issue of workplace bullying from the personal to the professional. Whilst the experience of workplace bullying is deeply personal, professional language can assist individuals to find another voice, other statements to address and challenge the behaviours of others.

Since 2007, Dr. Wendy McIntosh has supported nurses who have been reported to their relevant regulatory boards due to a number of issues including professional boundary, ethical decision making and Standards of Practice. One of the common themes that heard from those nurses over the 11 years in this role, is that of workplace bullying and the stress led to poor decision making in practice.

This workshop incorporates themes from a number of different perspectives including neurophysiology, psychodynamic, body awareness and our professional Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

Finding your voice, acting with courage will explore what each of us can do differently when faced with a bullying situation in the workplace. Earn 13 CPD Points.

Objectives of this workshop:

  • Understand the range of definitions used re workplace bullying
  • Discuss the behaviours of workplace bullying
  • Explore the impact of workplace bullying – emotionally, psychologically, physically
  • Understand the way in which the body manages the experience of workplace bullying
  • Explore the impact of bullying on collegial and familial relationships
  • Discuss ways in which the professional Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct can be used to give voice to unacceptable behaviours
  • Rehearse how to find a professional voice challenging workplace bullying
  • Identify a range of body strategies that can be used to assist in managing the experience of bullying in the moment and beyond.
BRISBANE-Professional Boundaries (2-day) @ Conference Room
Nov 29 @ 09:00 – Nov 30 @ 16:30
Holding the Line – Safe Professional Boundaries with Clients, with Colleagues.

Safe Professional Boundaries require us to hold the line in every situation, calling on us to be present & creative in each circumstance.  It is paramount for staff working in people-related industries to appreciate and understand the complexities of safe professional boundaries. We’ll explore various themes which help to deepen knowledge and skills in working safely, and with care. Psychodrama will be used to deepen participants experiential learning.

  • Day one focuses on the client – staff relationship.
  • Day two on collegial relationships.

Using a professional boundary framework the facilitator will explore boundary crossings and violations in the continuum of over- and under- involvement. Psychodrama will be used to deepen participants experiential learning, helping them gain awareness and insight. The use of psychodrama also speeds up integration of material. This workshop attracts 13 CPDs.
250 Holding

This workshop is endorsed by:

To get more information and to register for this workshop, Download a .pdf file with more details about this workshop by clicking on the image, and send us your completed form with payment to the address listed.

Feedback from prior participants:

  • “my concepts about boundaries were indeed strengthened”
  • “the knowledge I have gained today will give me more confidence in my workplace as a team leader, educator and mentor”
  • “under and over involvement – so relevant in my workplace”
  • “role play set out your concerns, different sides”
  • “interpersonal relationships within the team environment and how to be a better team leader”
  • “it was the most rewarding training that I have been involved in for a long time. I can take away strategies to make a real difference to demonstrate safe boundaries to other staff and for my own professional health. Very engaging positive experience”

To register for this workshop, download our registration form, and send us your completed form with payment to the address listed on the form. 

ROMA: Trauma – Impact on Self, Family, Community, Health Professionals & Support Staff (2-Day) @ TBA- Roma
Mar 6 @ 08:30 – Mar 7 @ 16:30

Trauma – Impact on Self, Family, Community, Health Professionals & Support Staff

Two-Day Workshop – Contemporary research reports the co-morbid cost of childhood trauma – especially sexual abuse, neglect, and cruelty which can result in the development of major mental illnesses and medical problems including cardiac, gastrointestinal and diabetes.

Working with, or caring for, individuals who are experiencing the short or long-term consequences of trauma can have a significant impact on clinicians, support workers, family members and colleagues.Trauma Workshop Brisbane 6 & 7 March, 2019

When professional boundaries are not in place, the risk of being drawn into the lived experience of an individual who has/is experiencing trauma increases. Being drawn into the trauma psychologically, emotionally or physically can result in the experience of compassion fatigue and/or vicarious trauma. Both of which can have a negative impact on the other.

During this workshop, Dr. McIntosh will use a gentle and tender experiential approach enabling participants to learn about trauma and the impact on individuals – whilst developing strategies for self-care in the learning created. Earn 13 CPD Points.

Use the link above to download an information and registration form, or click on the image.

Objectives of this workshop:

  • To understand the definitions of trauma
  • To explore trauma from a historical and contemporary perspective
  • To understand the experience of transgenerational trauma
  • To understand the impact of trauma in childhood and as an adult
  • To explore the short and long-term effects of trauma including major mental illness and chronic medical conditions
  • To explore trauma through the lens of The Window of Tolerance Trauma and Anxiety Related Responses
  • To understand the benefits of professional boundaries when working in the energy of trauma
  • To identify strategies (including humour) for self and team to decrease the risk of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.

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