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The Third Space

I love encountering books that expand my understanding of my actions and specifically how I conduct myself in relationship to others. The Third Space, by Adam Fraser (Random House 2012), is such a book. For me, the main focus of the book was the importance of becoming thoughtful about transitioning.  This is the Third Space of the title – the time we spend switching between first and second space (where I am currently, to where I want to be).

Each time I read another chapter in the book I observe an excitement in me about the possibilities that I can create for myself in my personal and professional life. Thus transitions that I make must be meaningful to me. For example, the journey from home to work, and using that time productively to prepare for the working day. Being thoughtful about the message I want to give to clients and colleagues though my body language. Presenting as open, motivated and prepared to engage as opposed to a nonverbal message of stay away, I am not interested, I do not want to be here.  Preparing psychologically, in terms of what I want to say and how I will say it. Preparing my emotional responses to what others will bring to their interaction with me.

The Third SpaceThe transitioning journey home is just as important. I can process the working day so that I can tune into my personal relationships from a less distracted place. I have also become more purposeful in other transitions such as preparing to write (for this newsletter, my blog, an article, a thesis), preparing for a social event and even preparing for play. I notice that when I am more purposeful about the transition from one event to another, I have a greater capacity to enjoy and appreciate each event. I strongly believe that reading and integrating content from The Third Space has greatly assisted my transition into 2013 in a positive frame.

So thank you Adam, The Third Space has encouraged me to practice being thoughtful about what I want in 2013, and what I am prepared to do to achieve that.  Adam has included plentiful research to support his content and personal stories from people whom he has encountered who have successfully applied his ideas into their life, making this a great read in addition to helping add useful tools to your toolbox.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to be more aware, and more purposeful in your life.

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Dr. Adam Fraser, the author of this wonderful book, has very generously provided us with a copy of The Third Space to give away to one the winner of the Puzzler competition in our January 2012 Newsletter. Good luck to all.

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