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I have been delivering education on professional boundaries since 2005. Over that time I have worked with many groups from diverse organisations. I have worked 1:1 with professionals who have transgressed professional boundaries with patients, clients, and customers. Through the stories from participants in workshops or in 1:1 work, it is clear that in many cases there are significant links between their adverse childhood experiences and transgressing boundaries as an adult. Old systems get activated when at what I call the boundary crossroads – to establish a boundary or defer to old role responses to keep safe.

I have been interested in the role of the limbic system and in the ways that it influences decision-making at the boundary crossroads. Should a new road of establishing boundaries be attempted or is it safer to not establish boundaries and, just agree?

The Limbic System - Davaar Consultancy

I have been integrating content on the limbic system into my boundary work for over five years and it always resonates with participants. Learning how to look after themselves differently by establishing and maintaining boundaries also means learning to love and understand their limbic system. A participant at one of my training sessions gave me the idea of a t-shirt with an image of the limbic system and its role in survival. What a great idea I thought and now it is my work shirt. If you are learning to love your limbic system and want to proudly show that, we have a lovely range of colours to choose from.

Thank you, limbic system lovers,

Wendy McIntosh

Davaar Consultancy

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