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I have a strong commitment to strengthening nursing identity and professionalism and where possible will inform you about achievements of colleagues with whom I have travelled in the world of nursing.

Davina Porock (left) featured on Davaar Consultancy Blog

Davina Porock (left) and Rhonda Rotterman (right) are directing a new UB institute focused on meeting the needs of the frail and chronically ill.

I invite you to visit the link: which provides nursing news about the opening of The Institute for Person-Centered Care (for the elderly) Buffalo University, New York. I encourage you to have a read and to warm up to the possibilities of how you could build a connection with staff at the Institute especially those of you who work with or have an interest in the elderly. What a fantastic opportunity for international sharing!!!

I worked with the Director of the Institute Davina Porock in the early 1990s and was highly motivated by her enthusiasm and passion for nursing and for progressing the profession.

My professional connection with Davina occurred when I had the fantastic opportunity to be seconded to the Nursing Research Unit at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, Perth, WA. I had been working in the mental health unit at the hospital for several years and was delighted to be seconded to an area that was of interest to me, and yet I had little experience of, Nursing Research.

Davina was my boss and guide into the world of research. She tried with great passion to lead me into the world of quantitative research… however it was clear that I did not have a complimentary relationship with same. I had a much stronger warm up to qualitative research, which thoroughly engages the story teller in me.

So thank you Davina; without realising it you have played a huge part in my professional journey and in part to the role I have as Director of my own company. I doubt I would have travelled into the world of my PhD had you not been such a gentle provocative guide with me.

Mighty cheers,


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